Don’t Expect Happiness From Others

Don't Expect Happiness From Others

Omar and Nadia talk about how you can't expect to change others to help foster your happiness and wellbeing, but only have the power to change your own outlook. (Video)

Omar's Thoughts On How You Can Only Control Your Own Outlook...

“It's not really a question of shaping the world around you to make you happy. If you're looking at, you know, your wife or your family or your friends, behavior, and you're like, Oh, they're making me unhappy, your ability to influence their behavior without becoming like a tyrant is very limited. People are going to behave in how it's in their nature to behave. So what the only freedom that you have in life is to shape your own nature, to make yourself competent, and able to be content…"

Omar Interview

Nadia's Thoughts On How You Can't Really Change Others, But... 

“The only person we can change is ourselves. But once you change — once you behave in a certain way, people will react to the way you deal with them. So you can't change other people, but you can help them be aware of their emotions and behavior in a quiet way."

The Importance of Listening

"If you try to listen to them. If you don't accuse if you don't point fingers, or try to understand their point of view, we can help them be aware of their emotions and their reactions, and then choose the best way to act to have positive environment." There are several interviews in our documentary film that touch on these concepts."

Nadia Interview

Other Ways to Secure One's Own Contentment

This is but a brief excerpt and transcription from Nadi and Omar about the relationships we have and how they can influence our contentment. There are other excellent interviews in the film, including David's discussion of the relationship between purpose and happiness, and Nadia's insights into how emotions are contagious.