Experts and expats from across the globe including a priest, monk, veterinarian, educators and everyday folks guide us on the complex journey to contentment. At the same time, we follow Eugene, struggling to lower his score on the course—a quest similar to the emotional rollercoaster of life.

Doug Morrione (director), inspired by his relocation to the UAE — the first country to appoint a federal minister of happiness — interviewed expats from around the world on what it takes to lead a more content, meaningful and satisfying life. The story reaches out from Dubai to Nepal, England, Austria, Ireland, Ukraine, The United States, Bangladesh and other destinations to see how life in people's home countries juxtaposes over their lives in Dubai. This film comes on the heels of the director's award-winning documentary about The American West, Everything in the Song is True.

The film also explores the growing emphasis on well-being science and positive education in schools as students, parents and educators attempt to navigate the perils of a social media landscape where children are now living two lives — online and in the real world.